Boranup Gallery presents works by Australia’s leading designer/makers and artists.  Located in the heart of Boranup Forest, the beautiful rammed earth gallery with its towering, cathedral style roof  is loved by locals and visitors alike.

On entering the gallery for the first time, the senses are overwhelmed by the smells of the timbers and finishes. Our spectacular furniture pieces displayed are designed and lovingly handcrafted by the Boranup team here on-site.

James and his small talented team have developed a style and quality of furniture and displays that has become considered by many one of the most diversified and highest quality galleries in Australia.

This process began in 1987 and has seen our furniture go to nearly every corner of the world.  Our designs ,combined with our access to wonderful West Australian solid timbers has made what we do at Boranup unique in the world.

Artists have been drawn to this unique presentation of immaculately presented workmanship. Today the gallery presents Australia’s finest artists working in an amazing range of mediums.

Boranup gallery is open each day from 10am-4pm.

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