‘After the Fires’ cup by blessed are the cracked

Handcrafted Porcelain Cup
blessed are the cracked is a design studio in Western Australia.
8cm x 8cm

Color :

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Handcrafted Porcelain Bowl
‘blessed are the cracked’is a design studio in Western Australia
11.5cm x 6cm

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Medium: Water-colour

Size: 19cm x 27.5cm

Price: SOLD

Oil and cold wax on board, framed

36cm x63cm



Pinks of Dusk

375 x 415 Oil – Framed


This highly popular painting is now available as an open print in a range of sizes from A4 through to almost A1 with or without framing

A framed print (almost A1) is available – (approximately 650 wide x 450 high print dimensions) Please request confirmation from the Gallery.

Price: A4 Prints $60, A3 $125 and A3+ $145

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