Drinks at Sunset

Ink and acrylic on canvas with a wooden frame
94 cm by 124 cm

A Tropical explosion of colours a statement piece for any room.

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ink and acrylic on canvas


The beautiful flowers that marks a special day. The joy of celebrating a special moment, with a bunch of flowers that take your breath away.


Ink and acrylic on canvas
1.03 x1.03
box frame
$1600 – Sold


I Love Flowers’ original painting by Tracy Robinson.

Acrylic and ink canvas on a bright blue background. (The flowers are off centre)


Mixed Media – Ink and acrylic on canvas 64 x 94cm
Banksia flowers, their unique beauty and their interesting leaves captured my heart.
I wanted to create a contrast between the pattern of the leaves and the dark background, with the flowers nestled amongst them.

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