Grass Tree 2.7m


Medium: Iron

Price: $2,450

Color :

Product Description

Medium: Iron

Price: $2,450

Vendor Information

Award winning West Australian sculpturer.

Recycled metal & wood

H – 160cm  approx

W – 80cm approx



Medium: Salvaged & Recycled Metal

Size: 0.45m x 0.41m x 0.88m

Price: $520

Medium: Recycled Metal

Size: 0.95m x 0.95m x 1.75m

Price: SOLD

Medium: Recycled Metal

Size: Approx 1.46m tall

Price: $869

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Medium: Rare Farm Implements

Size: Approx. 1.2m x 1.65m

Price: SOLD

Medium: Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Size: 18cm to 28cm long

Price: $278 set 3

Medium: Galvanised Iron

Price: $4,500

Sale: 1.42m high x 2m x 1.2m


Medium: Salvaged And Recycled Iron

Size: .4m

Price: $280


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