Off Shore Light

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 2.0m x 0.71m

Price: SOLD

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Product Description

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 2.0m x 0.71m

Price: SOLD

Offshore light was painted in mid to late spring from a scene at Grunters Beach looking south to Gas Bay, Gnarabup. My inspiration for this piece was the play of light and shadow as it fell across the dune in the last hour of sunlight. My working process starts with me painting a number of small sketches from life as well as taking a few reference photos, then up scaling these back in the studio. As this beach is close to where I live, I returned regularly to gain more information ( mainly for colour ). I think the reason this painting has impact is mainly due to the relationship between warm and cool colours. ie: Warm and cool greens in the foliage and warm and cool shadow colours . Chris


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