Single Head Grass Tree



Price: $1350

Color :

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Price: $1350

Vendor Information

Price: $990

Can come with a galvanised iron ash tray

Emu Family – Large, medium and 2 Chicks $490

Large – $295

Medium – $140

Chicks – $40

Medium – Corten Steel


Price: Single Screen $425 Pair $850

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Medium: Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Size: 60cm x 26cm

Price: $350 – SOLD

Medium: Salvaged and Recycled Metal

Price: $1400

Medium: Salvaged & Recycled Metal

Size: 0.85m x 0.85m x 1.25m

Price: SOLD


Medium: Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Size: 24cm x 16cm

Price: $115

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